Weekly Worship Preparation

July 5, 2009 Sermons & Hymns


Morning Service:

Galatians 5:13-26 “Freedom to Submit” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)

Hymn #110 “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah” (Ps. 148)

Hymn #437 “O God, to Us Show Mercy” (Ps. 67)

Hymn #585 “Take My Life, and Let It Be”

Hymn #469 “How Sweet and Awesome Is the Place”


Evening Service:

Acts 10:34-48 “Phase Three: Pentecost Revisited (Again)” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)

Hymn #5 “God, My King, Thy Might Confessing” (Ps. 145)

Hymn #105 “O God, We Praise Thee”

Hymn #439 “Christ Shall Have Dominion” (Ps. 72)

Hymn #101 “Come, Thou Almighty King”