Weekly Worship Preparation

September 20, 2009 Sermons & Hymns


Morning Service:

John 12:12-19 “The Triumphal Entry” (Associate Pastor David Chilton)

Hymn #5 “God, My King, Thy Might Confessing” (Ps. 145)

Hymn #251 “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”

Hymn #316 “The Mighty God, the Lord” (Ps. 50)

Hymn #580 “Lead On, O King Eternal”


Evening Service:

Acts 16:6-15 “Doors Closed, Doors Opened” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)

Hymn #100 “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

Hymn #331 “Come, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit”

Hymn #436 “Zion, Founded on the Mountains” (Ps. 87)

Hymn #88 “With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring” (Ps. 138)