Weekly Worship Preparation

October 10, 2010 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Proverbs 3:1-12 “Lean Not upon Your Own Understanding” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #6 “O Come, My Soul, Bless Thou the Lord” (Ps. 103)
Hymn #32 “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
Hymn #148 “How Shall the Young Direct Their Way?” (Ps. 119)
Hymn #642 “Be Thou My Vision”

Evening Service:
John 19:1-16 “Death Sentence” (Associate Pastor David Chilton)
Hymn #65 “Before Jehovah’s Awesome Throne” (Ps. 100)
Hymn #50 “O Lord, Be Thou My Helper True” (Ps. 12)
Hymn #247 “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”
Hymn #580 “Lead on, O King Eternal”