Weekly Worship Preparation

July 15, 2012 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Genesis 12:10-20 “Abraham Enters the School of Christ” (Rev. Todd Bordow)
Hymn #16 “Come, Let Us Sing unto the Lord” (Ps. 98)
Hymn #76 “Praise, My Soul, the King Heaven” (Ps. 103)
Hymn #528 “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”
Hymn #642 “Be Thou My Vision”

Evening Service:
Genesis 13:1-18 “Abraham Becoming like Christ” (Rev. Todd Bordow)
Hymn #34 “The God of Abraham Praise”
Hymn #349 “O Thou Who the Shepherd of Israel Art” (Ps. 80)
Hymn #527 “The Beatitudes”
Hymn #613 “Give Thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah” (Ps. 118)