Weekly Worship Preparation

September 23, 2012 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Psalm 131 “A Humble, Quiet Soul” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #57 “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah, O My Soul” (Ps. 146)
Hymn #368 “The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear” (Ps. 22)
Hymn #109 “Lord, My Weak Thought in Vain Would Climb”
Hymn #642 “Be Thou My Vision”

Evening Service:
Colossians 3:5-11 “Killing the Old Self (Part 2)” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #392 “O Day of Rest and Gladness”
Hymn #65 “Before Jehovah’s Awesome Throne” (Ps. 100)
Hymn #529 “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”
Hymn #663 “O God Eternal, You Are My God!” (Ps. 63)