Weekly Worship Preparation

May 19, 2013 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Joshua 2:1-24 “Melting Hearts and Moral Ambiguity” (Associate Pastor David Chilton)
Hymn #3 “Give to Our God Immortal Praise” (Ps. 136)
Hymn #520 “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness”
Hymn #66 “God Is Known among His People” (Ps. 76)
Hymn #575 “Soldiers of Christ, Arise”

Evening Service:
Exodus 32 & John 17:9 “I Am Praying for Them” (Mr. Laurence O’Donnell)
Hymn #16 “Come, Let Us Sing unto the Lord” (Ps. 98)
Hymn #569 “Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory”
Hymn #690 “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”
Hymn #613 “Give Thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah” (Ps. 118)