Weekly Worship Preparation

November 29, 2015 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
First Corinthians 13:1-7 “The More Excellent Way: Love” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #45 “Now unto Jehovah, Ye Sons of the Mighty” (Ps. 29)
Hymn #486 “God, Be Merciful to Me” (Ps. 51)
Hymn #686 “Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord”
Hymn #535 “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”

Evening Service:
Psalm 27 “Whom Shall I Fear?” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #100 “Holy, Holy, Holy!”
Hymn #622 “I Waited for the Lord Most High” (Ps. 40)
Hymn #692 “To You, O Lord, I Fly” (Ps. 16)
Hymn #610 “‘Take Up Your Cross,’ the Savior Said”