Weekly Worship Preparation

September 4, 2016 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Mark 1:14-28 “The Kingdom’s Powerful Arrival” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #389 “This Is the Day the Lord Has Made”
Hymn #607 “Thy Loving-kindness, Lord” (Ps. 69)
Hymn #580 “Lead On, O King Eternal”
Hymn #10 “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” (Ps. 150)

Evening Service:
Numbers 21:1-35 “God Lifts Up His Son” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #438 “All Lands, to God in Joyful Sounds” (Ps. 66)
Hymn #364 “Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds” (Ps. 78)
Hymn #528 “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”
Hymn #300 “Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power”