Weekly Worship Preparation

April 29, 2018 Sermons & Hymns

Morning Service:
Ephesians 1:11-14 “Without a Doubt” (Pastor Stephen Oharek)
Hymn #40 “God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength” (Ps. 46)
Hymn #607 “Thy Loving-kindness, Lord” (Ps. 69)
Hymn #10 “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” (Ps. 150)
Hymn #705 “I Know Whom I Have Believed”
Evening Service:
Psalm 1 “The Blessed Life” (Mr. Silas Schreyack)
Hymn #126 “My Soul, Bless the Lord!” (Ps. 104)
Hymn #103 “Holy God, We Praise Your Name”
Hymn #598 “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”
Hymn #431 “A Parting Hymn We Sing”